Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of my most common questions…


Do I need an AGF gym membership to train with you?

No additional membership is needed if you are only using the gym for training sessions with me.


Do you train seniors?

Yes definitely, I have trained many clients ranging from ages 14 – 85. Contact me to learn more.


How many days per week should I train?

The frequency for training varies from person to person but ultimately is up to the client. I have some clients who train 1x/ week and others who train 4x/ week. However, for optimal results, I suggest at least 2-3x/ week of training.


Do you charge extra for diet accountability and guidance?

No, this is automatically included when you become a client of mine.


Can I still join the group training workouts if I have a preexisting injury?

Yes, even if you choose the group training option, each workout can be modified to best address your injury. However, if the medical condition or injury could put your safety at risk during the workout, a physician’s permission may be requested before starting your training.


What is the price difference between one-on-one and group training?

Group training is accompanied by a significantly lower cost.


Do I have to bring my friends to start a group for group training?

No, I already have several groups established that you can join. However, you are more than welcome to bring your friends to join you in your workout.


What if I am at a different fitness level than others in the group training?

Group training is completely self-paced. You will not be expected to keep the same pace as the others in the group, and every workout can be modified to fit your specific fitness level and needs.


What does a typical class session look like?

Sessions are 55 minutes.
-5-10 minute warm-up, which includes cardio and/or dynamic stretching.

– Diving into the actual workout: Depending on your goals, this may include weightlifting, HIIT, cardio, mobility training, etc. You are welcome to ask questions at any point in time. Workouts are engaging and creative so your minds and muscles always stay sharp! I frequently change the workout formats to keep things fun.

-5-10 minute cooldown, ending with light cardio and/ or static stretching.