My Favorite Pre & Post-Workout Supplements

My Favorite Pre & Post-Workout Supplements

Pre and post-workout supplement questions are of the most popular asked by my clients, so I hope this blog gives some insight. The two workout supplements I regularly take are pre-workout and protein powder.

While pre-workout and protein powder supplements are NOT required, I believe they play a big role in improving athletic performance & post- workout recovery!

Pre-workout can increase your energy, endurance, focus, and motivation to enhance your workout. Using pre-workout comes down to preference, as does using a protein powder supplement. Protein powder is a quick and easy way to consume protein, which is vital to muscle growth and repair. However, if one chooses to not use protein powder, it is still important to maintain an adequate protein intake through other sources.

There are several good supplement companies out there, but there are also companies that use cheap and/ or unnecessary ingredients that may not be beneficial. So it’s important to ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH before purchasing and consuming any products!
The following are a few of my favorite brands for each (in order of preference):

PRE-WORKOUT: Ghost/ Alani Nutrition/ Beyond Raw Lit/ Amino Energy/ coffee

PROTEIN: 1st Phorm/ Bowmar Nutrition/ Optimum Nutrition/ Premier Protein (if wanting a premixed drink)

Please note: There is NO SUCH THING as a protein powder for weight loss vs. a protein powder for muscle gain. Protein is protein. They are the SAME, and a company that tries to market their product otherwise is just trying to make a buck off of the uneducated. In my opinion, I find this annoying and refuse to buy from companies that do this.

*Disclaimer: I have not tried every supplement company in the world. These are just MY personal favorites based on what I have tried.

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