My Go-To Grocery List

My Go-To Grocery List

Eating healthy can be a challenge for many, and it’s even harder when you don’t know where to start or what to buy. Whether this is your case, or you are just looking for some new food/ snack ideas, I hope this blog helps guide you to make healthy choices on your next grocery run! Remember: If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it! So, resist the urge to buy the junk food.  

The less processed the food, the better. However, life often gets in the way of our ability to only eat unprocessed foods. So, I am going to share my favorite (mostly) healthy grocery items, both processed and unprocessed.

*DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for all vegan/ vegetarian food options, you are in the wrong place. I am a big believer that we were placed at the top of the food chain for a reason, so I proudly support our agriculture industry by consuming animal proteins, dairy products, etc. that I enjoy! 

*DISCLAIMER x 2: As I said, this is MY personal grocery list based on foods that I enjoy! Not only are food options listed, but some of my favorite flavors are also suggested. This does NOT list every single healthy food option out there. 

*Note: I typically shop at Vons, but I’m sure the suggested brands can also be found elsewhere. A couple items are Costco/ Kirkland or other and are noted as such. 



-Sparkling Water : Bubbly | La Croix 



Breakfast & Cereal:

-Cereal : Multi Grain Cheerios | Grape Nut Flakes | Kashi (Cinnamon Harvest)

-Granola : Cascadian Farm Organic (French Vanilla Almond) | Quaker Simply Granola (Oats &  Honey w Vanilla & Pecan)

-Oatmeal : Quaker Oats Whole Grain Quick 1 Minute | Quaker Oatmeal Instant Low Sugar (Maple & Brown Sugar)

-Hash Browns : Simple Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns 

-Pancake/ Waffle Mix : Kodiak Cakes (Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, or Honey & Oat)

-Frozen Waffles : Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles (Dark Chocolate or Blueberry)


Canned Goods:

-Black Beans

-Garbanzo Beans

-Kidney Beans

-Tuna : Chicken of the Sea Solid White 

-Green Beans





-Peanut Butter : Skippy Natural

-Organic Strawberry Spread : Kirkland Brand 



-Light Sour Cream 

-Salad Dressing : Olive Garden Brand (Costco only) | Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Dressing




-Tortilla Chips : Late July (Sea Salt Multigrain or Jalapeño Lime)

-Pita Chips

-Vegetable Chips : TERRA Sweet Potato Chips | Pop Corners (Cheddar or Kettle Corn)

-Reduced Fat Wheat Thins

-Triscuit Crackers

-Rice Cakes : Quaker (Chocolate, Caramel, or White Cheddar) 

-Bobo’s Oat Bars

-Mixed Nuts : Planters Heart Healthy Mix or Wholesome Mix 

-Salsa/ Pico


-Whey Protein Powder : Optimum Nutrition (Extreme Milk Chocolate) [Amazon] | Bowmar Nutrition [Online ONLY] 

-Protein Bar : Power Crunch | Bowmar Nutrition [Online ONLY]


Dairy & Eggs:

-Cottage Cheese

-Reduced Fat Cream Cheese

-Feta Cheese

-Colby Shredded Cheese


-Egg Whites

-Hard Boiled Eggs (can boil your own eggs too, of course)

-1% Milk : Horizon Organic 

-Chocolate Milk : Fa!rlife brand ONLY (has less sugar & more protein than most brands)

-Almond Milk (Milk substitute for lactose intolerant)

-Greek Yogurt : Dannon Light & Fit | Oikos 


Fruits & Vegetables:

*Can’t go wrong choosing fruits & veggies! Fresh preferred, but frozen works too.

-Apples | Bananas | Berries | Grapes | Citrus | & More

-Asparagus | Broccoli | Carrots | Celery | Corn | Cucumbers | Mushrooms | Onions | Bell Peppers | Potatoes | Sweet Potatoes | Squash | Tomatoes | & More

-Salad Greens : Baby Spinach | Romaine Lettuce | Kale 

-Salad Kits : Taylor Farms (Asian Chop Salad, Caesar or Mediterranean) 


Grains & Pasta:


-Brown Rice

-Whole Grain Bread : Dave’s Killer Bread

-Whole Wheat or Multi Grain Sandwich Thins  : Oroweat Thins 

-Whole Grain or Protein + Pasta

-Whole Wheat Tortillas 


Meat & Seafood:

-Turkey : Reduced Sodium Sliced Turkey Breast | Ground Turkey

-Beef : Lean Ground Beef | Lean Steaks | etc. 

-Chicken : Breasts | Ground | Chicken Apple Sausage 

-Fish : Tilapia | Shrimp | Salmon 

-Pork : Roast | Tenderloin