Top 5 Tips for Turkey Day

Top 5 Tips for Turkey Day

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy Thanksgiving Day, guilt-free!

1) Start your day with a light breakfast. Do NOT skip breakfast or starve yourself until dinner. But, a protein shake and banana, or some yogurt and berries, make for a low-calorie, yet nutritious breakfast. 

2)  Move. Before the big feast, try to get a workout in! Whether you do a full workout at the gym, stick to a quick at-home workout, or simply go for a walk around the neighborhood, just move! Physically and mentally you will feel so much better, especially when you know pumpkin pie is later to come!

3)  Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water prevents bloating, keeps your digestive tract moving, and helps you feel full, which may decrease your appetite and caloric intake. If you fear over-eating at Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to drink a glass of water before eating! 

4) Be mindful. It is obviously normal to splurge a little or eat differently than the everyday norm. However, remember your goals and be mindful of how much you consume! 1 piece of pumpkin pie is reasonable…4 pieces of pumpkin pie is not. 

5) ENJOY! After all, it is Thanksgiving! This day comes once a year. Do NOT fret indulging in some of your favorite dishes. And do NOT feel like you have to starve yourself or workout “extra hard” for 10 days after. Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, and get back on track like normal the next day without any extreme measures.